Mobile Robotics

Mobile Robotics - More than just localization and planning

A talk about mobile robots for industrial application


Development of the autonomous scrubbing machine B75i.

A Probabilistic Approach for Complete Coverage Path Planning with low-cost Systems

Domestic robots, such as vacuum cleaners or lawn mowers, are mostly based on a low-cost design to make them affordable for the consumer. This often results in such robots being equipped with only simple sensors, such as in-/outside area detectors for …


An Android application designed for dynamic control and visualization of mobile robotic system operated by the ROS.

Learning Motion Models for Local Path Planning Strategies

Abstract The Segway Loomo is a self-balancing segway robot, which is constantly balanced by an internal control system. A local path planning strategy was developed in advance for this robot. For local path planning, a motion model of the robot is needed to determine the effect of velocity commands on the robot’s pose. In the implemented local path planner, a simple motion model of the robot is used, which does not model the effect of the segway robot’s internal control on its motion.

A novel Chlorophyll Fluorescence based approach for Mowing Area Classification

Detecting cost-effectively and accurately the working area for autonomous lawn mowers is key for widespread automation of garden care. At present this is realized by means of perimeter wire, which leads to high setup and maintenance costs. Here, we …

Exploiting Chlorophyll Fluorescense for building robust low-cost Mowing Area Detectors

A talk about a low-cost mowing area detector

Parameter Optimization for Loop Closure Detection in Closed Environments

A workshop talk about how meta-parameters, required for most mapping algorithms, can be learned.

Parameter Optimization for Loop Closure Detection in Closed Environments

Tuning parameters is crucial for the performance of localization and mapping algorithms. In general, the tuning of the parameters requires expert knowledge and is sensitive to information about the structure of the environment. In order to design …

A-DRZ (expired)

Aufbau des Deutschen Rettungsrobotik-Zentrums (A-DRZ)