Mobile Robotics - More than just localization and planning

Image by Nils Rottmann


Mobile robotics can be found in more and more areas of daily life. For example, we are now able to let robots mow our lawn or clean our floors. Intelligent, connected robots ensure smooth operations in state-of-the-art logistic centers and other assist customers in, for example, supermarkets. These robots rely on efficient localization and navigation methods, such as Pose Graph SLAM and A*. However, although these algorithms are an important component of mobile robots, they are only one of many.

In this talk, we will dive a bit deeper into what is required to bring a mobile robot into the market, besides smart algorithms. This includes, among other things, safety requirements, user experience and many more.

Leoben, Austria
Nils Rottmann
Team Lead for Robotics & Autonomous Systems

With September 2021, Nils Rottmann started as a Software Developer/Product Owner at the Hako GmbH. He studied Theoretical Mechanical Engineering at the Hamburg University of Technology, Germany and holds a PhD in Robotics from the University of Luebeck, Germany, In his PhD with the title “Smart Sensor, Navigation and Learning Strategies for low-cost lawn care Systems”, he developed low-cost sensor systems and investigated probabilistic learning and modeling approaches. Currenlty, he works as a Team Lead for the robotic section at the Hako GmbH.