Development of the autonomous scrubbing machine B75i.

A-DRZ (expired)

Aufbau des Deutschen Rettungsrobotik-Zentrums (A-DRZ)

Autumn School

Navigation, Path Planning and ROS for Mobile Robotos

MIRANA - A mobile robotic assistant

Presentation of different methods for mobile robotics

Autumn School

Localization and Navgation for Mobile Robotos

Cataglyphis ant navigation strategies solve the global localization problem in robots with binary sensors

Low cost robots, such as vacuum cleaners or lawn mowers, employ simplistic and often random navigation policies. Although a large number of sophisticated localization and planning approaches exist, they require additional sensors like LIDAR sensors, …

Development of an electromagnetic Tracking System for use in Medical Interventions

Abstract Medical interventions are often supported by imaging and position-determining procedures. In this thesis we investigate to what extent electromagnetic tracking systems can be used for accurate positioning. The focus is first on 2D, then on 3D systems.